My artistic work focuses on the field of installation art and contemporary sculpture. This means that materials and spatiality are of particular importance. Painting, as a visual media, can be displayed virtually - sculptures and installations can not. They have to be explored actively and experienced physically, with the entire body and all its senses. On this website, I would like to give a little impression of my work by presenting documentary photos and descriptions of installations. Both should not be confused with the actual experience or even with interpretations. However, my hope is that this may help in order to imagine an installative situation and actively create an own vivid idea of the potential experience to be made when being confronted with it.    

Under the catchword 'works' a selection of artistic works can be found. More are displayed under 'arbeiten' on the German version of this website. Here, you can also find the rubric 'öffentlicher Raum', were works with a particular relation to public space are gathered, that either critically reflect existing spaces or make own alternative suggestions for them. Under the headword 'künstlerische Forschung' you can find information on my artistic research an my philosophical work.