My artistic approach employs the medium of installation/contemporary sculpture. A characteristic, that such a manner of working entails, is a particular relation to materials and spatiality. Paintings, as a visual media, can be displayed virtually - installations not. They have to be explored actively and experienced physically, with the entire body and all its senses. To give at least a certain impression, despite this obvious problem of reproduction, documentary photos and descriptions can be found on the following pages. Both may help to imagine an installative situation. However, they should not be confused with the actual experience or interpretations.

Under the catchword 'works' a selection of artistic works can be found. The rubric 'öffentlicher Raum' (public space) displays works with a particular relation to the issue, that artistically deal with the design of human surroundings in a critical manner or make own, alternative suggestions. The headword 'über kunst' (on art) features an experimental format, in which text-image combinations are used for reflections on artistic questions. The rubric 'künstlerische Forschung (artistic research) presents samples of texts and gives information on my artistic-philosophic work. (The last named rubrics are only available in German.)