benno hinkes

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Benno Hinkes (Dr. phil. in art.) is a Berlin-based artist, theorist and curator. He has worked, taught and exhibited nationally and internationally, with solo shows and exhibition contributions in Germany, Czech Republic, Benin, Great Britain, USA.

His artistic work has received numerous awards and prizes, such as the New York Award of the renowned Philip-Morris-Culture-Foundation, the Annual Award for Excellence in Arts & Sciences of the Federal State of Saxony, Germany, a DAAD-London award, an award by Dietze-Foundation for initiating/curating the 'Benin-German Pavilion' at the 1st Benin Biennale 2012-13, and, most recently, a project grant for the solidary artists' initiative 'BERLIN AC – artists connected' by Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn (the last two together with other artists/curators), among others.      

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As a theorist, Hinkes works in the field of artistic research at the intersection point of art, philosophy and urban theory. His approach combines artistic strategies with a phenomenological perspective, focusing on the question of a physical and multisensory perception of built human environments. Current publication: 'Aisthetics of Built Human Environments – Foundations of an Artistic-Philosophic Research' (transcript publishing house, Bielefeld 2017).