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Installation description: Exhibition visitors enter an exhibition space, to find themselves confronted with an unusual spatial object. They try to enter it through its door. The door is looked. They start to wander around the object. Eventually they get access through two side walls, facing each other, forming a narrow corridor which leads to a wider corridor inside the object. There is no regular room the inside corridor would lead to. Instead, to the left and to the right of the corridor, there are more corridors, small chambers and niches to be found, which can not be entered, but only allow to take a  glance inside.

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What can be seen are some confusing sceneries: a black window, that is inverted, with the window handle and shutters, that normally should be inside, outside; a wardrobe with mirror and a shoe rag, which would appear normal, if it was not squished into a corridor that is only some 15 cm wide - definitely to narrow to enter; a small storage room underneath a stairway - or is it meant to be a sleeping room? And who is staying in such an odd space?

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Even the bathroom door does not fully open... is it jammed or is there somebody inside? But if so, how come this is exactly the same on both sides of the corridor, just as in general, each situation is exactly identical to the left and to the right side of the long corridor. The dreamlike, somehow nightmarish, somehow comical absurdity of the space is increased by special lighting, sound and smells.    

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