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kitchen object

KITCHEN OBJECT - also 'tinnitus object' - is an installative piece, utilizing light and sound. Though it reminds of a conventional household furniture, also after closer inspection the actual function of the object remains uncertain. A black rubber profile, framing the front side, indicates that the object could potentially be opened. Handles or hinges, in contrast, are not to be found. Cold neon light shines out of the lower part of the object. From inside, a high-pitched sound can be heard. The volume is low. Still the atmosphere created by the sound, together with the light and the overall appearance of the object, dominate the entire surrounding room. The object appears both: somehow tempting in its technical cleanness and purity, somehow irritating and unsettling, as if something non-good was to be expected from its buzzing inside.      

Benno Hinkes © Installation - Kitchen Object