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my bed

MY BED / 'without title' was created in 2002, in a period of travelling and moving. It was my first 'free standing' installation, consisting in a container-like box, which is put up inside a larger exhibition space. Everything inside the container - except the floor - even the inside wall covering, is made out of polystyrene (Styropor). Mainly, the installation consists of a matress with pillow and bed, as well as some scarce utensiles: a lamp, a cigarette box with lighter, a case for contact lenses.

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All parts of the installation where carved by hand out of the basic material. They are not casts, but handmade. Instead of marble, metal or wood, polystyrene was used because of its lack of any specific material qualities, in order to contribute to the effect of the scenario, which appears to be taken from a dream, without matter and colors.