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raumeinbau 1

The installation RAUMEINBAU 1 consists of an empty room with white walls and gray floor. The room is enlightened by a simple light-bulb. There are windows at two sides of the room: on one side a smaller, squared one, protruding into the room; at the opposite side three vertical ones, next to each other, mounted deeper in the wall.

All windows are built the same manner: They consist of double glazing, with the glass in the front being transparent and the one in the back being opaque black. The windows are framed with a rubber profile. There are no handles or hinges, that would allow to open them. The particular construction of the windows is both: familiar and irritating. On one hand it reminds of ordinary windows, as to be found in the rest of the building, on the other it rather reminds of vehicle or train windows. The room is filled with a low frequency buzzing sound, that arises from somewhere behind the walls. In the middle of the room it is almost extinct; towards the walls, the volume rises.

Bild "arbeiten:Installation-Benno-Hinkes-Raumeinbau1.jpg"

Experience, as described by the visitors:
The windows on opposite sides of the room cause a permanent shift of experience. One one hand, one wishes to look outside, which is not possible, since there seems to be dark night outside. On the other hand, the intransparent windows, that reflect the own image, stimulate an uncertain feeling, that possibly the room might be observed from outside. Especially the small, squared window protruding into the room creates this impression. Yet one is alone in the room. The only person observing and being observed is oneself. The sound, that fills the room intensifies the concentration on ones self-observation/self-reflection. At the same time, it has an influence on ones movements and self-positioning inside the space, just as - together with the darkness outside the windows - it causes a lost of sense of time. One feels as if being enclosed in a capsule, a vehicle or drifting object.  

Benno Hinkes © Installation - Raumeinbau 1