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raumeinbau 2

The installation RAUMEINBAU 2 divides the existing space into three segments: a dimly lit entrance room, a dark middle corridor, and a well-lit double-chamber. Inside each half of the symmetrically built double-chamber, a waiting seat is fixed at the back wall, facing a window at the chamber's front side. What can be seen in front of the window is an unspectacular scene (backyard). The window view is additionally illuminated by an artificial source of light above the window. Over the waiting seat, there is a small opening, from which the ticking of a clock can be heard.  

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Experience, as described by the visitors:
after the experience of the dimly lit entrance room and the dank middle corridor, the well-lit double-chamber appears extremely bright. The view out of the window into the real outside space, additionally lit by an artificial source of light, seems strangely unreal. It is hard to tell whether the daylight in front of this window or the darkness in front of RAUMEINBAU 1 is real. Both experiences seem to cancel each other out. The irritating effect is increased by the existence of two equal room-halves, both equally strong inviting the visitor to come in, take a seat and look out of the window. On one hand, one feels urged to every now and then change seats/chamber halves in order not to miss anything. On the other hand, there is nothing going on, neither in front of this, nor in front of that window. The ticking sound above the seat intensifies the feeling of a certain inner restlessness while obseving the 'happening-of-nothing'.

Benno Hinkes © Installation - Raumeinbau 2