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unclear situation - for two persons

UNCLEAR SITUATION – FOR TWO PERSONS is a spatial situation to be actively used by two people at the same time. A glass wall divides a long, not further defined space into two equal halves. The partition is semitransparent up to the height of a person, above it is transparent/clear. When standing in front of the space, the partition reflects the front half, while the half on the back side can only slightly be seen through the glass. Because of the doubling effect of the two overlapping images, the glass appears to be a mirror.

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When a person enters the spatial situation, his/her silhouette is vaguely being reflected. When a second person enters the space from the opposite side, the glass turns darker. On one hand, the reflection appears clearer and better visible now; on the other hand, the glass seems to become more transparent. Reflexion and the possibility to see through are both enhanced and reduced; they become easier and more difficult at the same time. The two people inside the spatial situation get entangled in a complex interplay of perceptions (self and other).  

Benno Hinkes © Installation - Unclear Situation - for Two Persons