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urban parasites

URBAN PARASITES is an ongoing work, in which objects are created, that look like objects. However, in contrast to the originals, that can be found in everyday urban surroundings - things like letterboxes, trash cans, cigarette machines, road signs - their artistic relatives claim the right to be non-functional. They are formal siblings, yet useless, without any real purpose, whose playful existence is only guaranteed, as long as they managed to stay unrecognized.

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URBAN PARASITES has been presented at art-in-public-exhibitions in Nurnberg, Dusseldorf, Berlin. The choice of objects each time varies, depening on a particular city. Sometimes, all objects are newly created. What remains the same is the character of the surroundings: urban transition zones and peripheries, that are generally though of as architectural and social problem areas.

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However, from a different standpoint, they might also be seen as areas, in which an otherwise seemingly well functioning society reveals its problems to deal with buildings, objects, human beings, that do not 'function' the way they are expected to and in which deliberately non-functional objects, that in a common perception are thought of  as 'parasites', might as well appear as 'role models', revealing a beauty of its own, though rather particular kind.

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